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Right now we are on the verge of revealing Killmaster’s first in-game graphics and gameplay videos. To get there, we’re currently polishing up the Characters’ textures and adding in VFX. We are also building out the rest of the backgrounds and replacing placeholder assets in many of the Arenas.

 Here is a checklist of things we’re working on at the moment (not listed by priority):

  1. Creating our Logo
  2. Building out the 5th Arena
  3. Polishing the first 4 Arenas
  4. Finishing animations and textures for Nalisé
  5. Reworking Kara-10’s logic in UE4
  6. Adding VFX for Zara and Galas
  7. Marketing ourselves and beginning to build a tight community
Posted : May 8, 2018 2:52 PM