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We are very careful not to overwhelm ourselves by trying to include everything at once. Feature creep is real, and it can destroy you!


We are still a small studio with a shoestring budget. But we make good use of our resources. That means focusing all our efforts on key features and saving a lot for later.


So while we don’t want to overpromise, these are a few things we will definitely be adding to the game (not listed by priority):


  1. Free2Play—we will offer ONLY cosmetic content for purchase (these will be things like Skins, Taunts, Death VFX, etc.)
  2. Souls (summonable creatures that fight alongside you in the Arena—think “Pokéballs” in Smash Bros)
  3. Console Releases
  4. Cross-platform Online Ranked / Unranked play (in addition to couchplay / LAN)
  5. Realms (online guilds / clans)



WARNING: Here’s the part where we ask for money!!!


We are launching a Kickstarter on September 12, 2018 in order to receive enough funding to take Killmaster to Open Beta within a year (so by September 2019). For anyone who supports us here by completing our Challenges and/or who backs us on Kickstarter, we will be offering a Closed Alpha from January 2019 until Open Beta. Our only Stretch Goals for the Kickstarter will be moving up the dates for the Alpha / Beta. No extra features! We already know what we can handle, and trying to do more than that will only result in disappointment.


If we don’t reach our Kickstarter goal, which we are setting at $50,000 (USD), we will still make Killmaster! But it will certainly delay production by at least 6 months, likely more. Our main issue now isn’t adding extra features. It’s merely being able to pay our amazing team for their work in finalizing what we already have. We currently have the resources to get us a ways beyond the Kickstarter, but not enough to take us to Open Beta by 2019.


We are NOT seeking a publisher, partner, investor, or anything of that nature that might lessen our control over the decision-making process of the game. We are seeking help from those who can provide it, in any form! Even if you’re not affluent, you can still spread the word about us to your friends. Maybe you don’t have friends. Ok, we’ve planned for that! Instead, you can join and participate in our community. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make your first friend here!


But seriously, anything you can do to help will be enormously appreciated. And if altruism isn’t your thing, don’t worry because we’ve provided some incentive with our Rewards! Check out the “Challenges & Rewards” section in Your Voice for more details.

Posted : May 8, 2018 3:00 PM