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[Sticky] INTRO: Eric Sanders (Dev)

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Eric Sanders
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Hey everyone!


This is Eric Sanders, and I’m the Designer / Founder of KillmasterGames.  The first thing I want to say is that we are incredibly grateful for everyone's support!  And we hope that you find a home here in our community.


So please allow me to welcome you to KillmasterGames!


As the Designer, I am responsible for the direction of the game for everything from the Lore and Character Movesets to Game Types and Features.  But that doesn’t mean that I do all this alone—thankfully!  No, the real credit goes to our wonderful artists, whose awesome talent and hard work makes everything sparkle!!  So whenever you see them, definitely show them some love! ❤️


As for me personally, there’s not really much worth telling.  I love games—board games, video games, word games, whatever!  Anything that can be won, I’m in!  I’m incredibly competitive by nature, so if I were ever to lose, I’m certain I’d be sore about it...but I guess we’ll never know  😉 


My video game career started at the tender age of 2, when my parents bought us the NES!  Since then I’ve played countless games on PC and nearly every console system.  But my favorite games of all time generally come from the N64 era.  Sure, I’m an avid fan of The Elder Scrolls, Halo, et al.  And it’s obvious that the Smash Bros series is near and dear to me!  But my heart will never forget Ocarina of Time, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64, or the dozens of other titles that made up most of my impressionable years!  And much of my inspiration is drawn from these.  So if you grew up playing these same games, then you’ll probably recognize a few homages here and there.


Of course, these days I don’t have much time to reminisce in the great games of old (or new, for that matter)  😭  But I always have time to answer questions!!  So if there’s ever anything you want to ask, feel free to post it in the Open Discussion or Ask Us Anything topics—that way everyone can benefit from your questions.  But if you have something non-Killmaster related, then totally feel free to DM me!


Well, that’s prolly enough for now.  I look forward to meeting each of you soon!  And welcome again to the KillmasterGames community!!!



Oh, and one last thing....



FIRST!!!  😜 


Posted : May 8, 2018 3:30 PM
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Longtime gamer Threemoons here.  Looking forward to seeing what you do with the game, this site, etc!   😎 


Posted : July 11, 2018 1:52 AM