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Hold on, the game isn’t even out yet! How can there already be Challenges and Rewards?!


Great question! These Challenges have nothing to do with playing the game itself. As you can probably see, they are more like Social Media Challenges than anything else. But by completing these simple Challenges, you will be helping us immensely!


These Challenges are designed to promote Killmaster and to reach as many potential fans as possible. They’re also a part of building this community on a foundation of trust, camaraderie, and the mutual desire to kill everything! Your participation can help us do this and to grow faster and stronger than we ever could on our own.


But even if you don’t care about that, at least we can incentivize you with some Rewards 😉


As you complete Challenges, you’ll receive Points. And most Challenges can be completed daily (or even multiple times per day), so don’t forget to keep coming back! Also, since each Challenge is different, you’ll earn more Points for some and fewer for others.


Then, once you’ve accumulated enough Points, you’ll unlock special Rewards! What Rewards, you ask? We’ve compiled a list below. Let us know if you think they’re worth it. Also, if you have any suggestions, please tell us those as well! We’re happy to add as many as we can!





500 Points = Galas' Magma Skin

1,000 Points = Zara's Glass Armor + Weapons

2,500 Points = Zara's Blood Armor + Skin & Galas' Polished Stone Skin

5,000 Points = Exclusive Skull Mask for Kara-10

7,500 Points = Heart Variation for the Blaze Of Glory (Death Explosion)

10,000 Points = Exclusive "Reaper Scythes" for Nalisé

15,000 Points = Exclusive Taunt for Nalisé

20,000 Points = Shinobi Scarf [All Characters]

25,000 Points = Alpha Access

Posted : May 8, 2018 3:06 PM