Speak Up

[Points For ALL Posts + Milestones] 

Use Your Voice to tell us what matters to you!  And please speak freely.  We’re a fun, welcoming community, where everyone’s opinion counts.  Our one and only goal is to make this game and this community as fun and entertaining as possible.  So while we’d love to be showered in praise, all criticism is totally welcome—desired, even.  We’re also open to new ideas!  So if you’ve recently had an epiphany, don’t keep it to yourself!  Chances are that your idea will make it into the game in some form or another.

And to facilitate community interaction and the free-flow of ideas, we are offering incentives for you to voice your thoughts.  All you have to do is comment in Your Voice.  You can earn Points for up to 5 comments per day.  Each one is worth 10 Points, but you can also earn Bonus Points by hitting milestones:


25th Post = 150 extra pts

50th Post = 500 extra pts

100th Post = 1,000 extra pts

250th Post = 2,500 extra pts

500th Post = 5,000 extra pts





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Speak Up

[Points For ALL Posts + Milestones] Use Your Voice to tell us what matters to you! And please speak freely ...
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